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Migraine Surgery in Indianapolis - Dr. Barry Eppley

For migraine sufferers, the impact of an attack can be disabling and interfere with one's daily life. In many patients migraines are well controlled with medications. However, there are patients with a high number of attacks despite being on numerous drug therapies. In certain patients, migraines can be caused by the irritation of certain nerve endings in the head and neck. These nerve endings are divided into Frontal, Temporal, Occipital, and Nasal zones with the irritation caused by muscles that wrap around and squeeze these nerves. By first identifying these trigger points with Botox injections, Dr. Eppley can then release the entrapping muscles through small incisions hidden in the eyelid or hairline.

The Success of Migraine Surgery

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Migraine surgery does not always provide a complete cure. It only really does that in about one-third of the patients. However, the vast majority of patients experience reduced attacks that are less in frequency, intensity and duration. With the pressure taken off of the nerves, they are more resistant to triggering factors which helps reduce the frequency of migraines. In essence, migraine surgery raises the threshold for getting a migraine. It may not be a cure but a dramatic and life-changing relief for many patients.

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